10 Things Good Cex Can Do To You

10 Things Good Cex Can Do To You

10 Things Good Cex Can Do To You

1-  It makes some people religious

A lot of people will be screaming Oh my God, Yes Lord oh Jesus father oooshh!!!! .

2- It gives some people their first musical
lessons = mmmm, aaaaah, ooooo,

3- It Makes some people natural coaches = fast,
fasterrrr!!!, yeah!!
keep doing it, you’re good. Dig it deeper, yeah
more like that.

4- It Makes some people announce their own
obituary = ewoooo you are killing me oooo, I’m
dead, I’m dead, I’m finished, you will kill me

5- It Makes some ladies become terrorists =
Destroy it, Don’t pity it, Just tear it, beat it up,
Let me feel it.

6- Others become respectful = Daddy I love you, I
promise my p-u-s-s-y is all yours okay,
yes I will do anything for you. Ask me anything.

7- It Makes some people become loyal = I Love
you endlessly, You own my life, I am yours
Baby you are my world.

8- It turns some ladies to beggars = yeah baby
Please don’t stop,…
continue please ,…
give it to me…
I beg you don’t stop.

9- Some speak in tongues: mamamama
hahalahalahalaaaa aaajoooooo haaahaaa
10- Some start speaking their dialects: aiwa
shumba endererai! Maita basa shumba!…shumba
kani punnany…do mi pa! Fa obo mi ya!
Beeni! ,Lol…

Written by Chief MasCot

No Insult Please, but where do u belong ?

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