5 Ways To Incorporate Aweet Potatoes Into Your Meals

5 Ways To Incorporate Aweet Potatoes Into Your Meals

How to incorporate sweet potatoes into your meals

Now that you’ve been schooled on all the benefits, now comes the fun part: deciding how you want to eat them. Similarly to avocado, this is one healthy food that works for breakfast, lunch, snack time, dinner, and dessert.

1. Breakfast: Sweet potato and avocado scramble. Combine the tuber with avocado (remember, those healthy fats will make the vitamin A better absorbed), and eggs for added protein and you’ve got yourself a power breakfast. It’s sure to fill you up until lunchtime.

2. Lunch: Healthy loaded sweet potato. Roast your sweet potato for about 40 minutes and then fill it with chickpeas, coconut yogurt, and some spices for a protein-filled lunch. Want to add a little heat? Add a tablespoon of salsa.

3. Snack time: Sweet potato fries with maple butter sauce: You know when 4 p.m. hits and you just need a little something sweet? That’s where sweet potatoes come in. This recipe also calls for a drizzle of peanut butter, and the protein will help leave you satisfied.

4. Dinner: Vegetarian sweet potato chili. There’s nothing that can hit the spot on a cold winter night quite like a big bowl of chili. The best part about a dinner recipe like this is you can throw essentially any veggies you want into the pot and the end result will taste delicious. Because everything goes with sweet potatoes, right?

5. Dessert: S’more stuffed sweet potatoes. Top your tater off with melty marshmallows, graham cracker crumble, dark chocolate, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. You just flat out won dessert night.

There you go with your combo, enjoy your meal.

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