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6 Nigerian Artistes That Made Wave In 2017 But Nowhere To Be Found In 2018

Several artistes blew up in 2017, got an audience that wanted to listen to their music and for a while it seemed as if the fame will last for long.

Since they had given us smash hits last year, we earnestly expected more from them this year.

But they surprised us. They went off the radar. Amidst the thousands of songs that drops every month in the industry, we couldn’t recognize them anymore as their songs didn’t buzz out as expected this year.

Who are these artistes?

1. Destiny Boy

6 Nigerian Artistes That Were Very Hot In 2017 But Nowhere To Be Found In 2018

Known for knacking beautiful covers to hit songs by turning these songs to a version that was totally his and with his unique voice we can’t even compare to anyone in the industry.

His cover to Davido‘s smash hit went viral last year and got him as one of the youngest entertainers in the industry, Destiny Boy was tipped to become a bigger superstar in 2018.

But what happened? His popularity dimmed, his visibility fizzled out too and he hasn’t been buzzing up the scene compared to last year.

2. Nonso Amadi

6 Nigerian Artistes That Were Very Hot In 2017 But Nowhere To Be Found In 2018

Canadian based Nonso Amadi was one of the few relatively known artistes who had a successful run in 2017. Most blogs put him on their list of artistes to look out for in 2018.

Nonso Amadi ended 2017 on a high with hits from Tonight to Aika and also had his own sold out concert at the Hard Rock Cafe last December so we tipped Nonso Amadi to do well.

But what we had from Nonso Amadi was a quiet, salient 2018. He got us asking why did he do well last year and was quite awful this year?

3. Flex B

6 Nigerian Artistes That Were Very Hot In 2017 But Nowhere To Be Found In 2018

With UmbeleFlex B got the whole streets going wild and crazy.

The lyrics in that song appealed to them and together with Small Doctor‘s Penalty, Umbele was one of the best songs that emerged from the streets last year.

Flex B was even blessed with a remix of the song with Olamide that further fueled the popularity of that song.

And while we were anticipating more songs from Flex B, this year, he’s gone off-line from the radar and we’ve not heard much from him. Truly shocking he withered so fast.

4. Efe

6 Nigerian Artistes That Were Very Hot In 2017 But Nowhere To Be Found In 2018

One of the stars from last year’s Big Brother Naija was Efe, the warri boy.

All through the show, he exhibited his unique indigenous rap skill that git noticed by everyone and most people inferred that he would become a hitmaker in the industry.

Eventually, he won the show and his first singles were disappointing. He released an album next which was a bad move considering he had barely used two years in the industry.

Right now, the questions on everyone’s lips is, What happened to the Efe that won the show?

5. Terry Apala

6 Nigerian Artistes That Were Very Hot In 2017 But Nowhere To Be Found In 2018

Sorry to say this, we think Terry Apala has to put away his laziness and become the destined superstar he’s meant to be.

After blowing up in 2016-2017, he relented this year and just like Destiny Boy, he’s one artiste that has a weapon in his artistry that’s distinctly different and fresh.

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After his Champagne shower smash hit, everyone looked favorably to Terry Apala.

However, Terry has been grossly unable to replicate that success this year.

He has made low quality music this year and it’s so painful to see an artiste we put so much faith in failing to turn up.

6. Lybra

6 Nigerian Artistes That Were Very Hot In 2017 But Nowhere To Be Found In 2018

Eric Edet Eton a.k.a Lybra is a young and talented Akwa Ibom boy with an amazing musical abilities and was discovered and signed by Mc Galaxy after he listened to some of his music works, by popular recommendation by top entertainment business partners and fans online.

He dropped two songs that became the talk of town “Baby Tomatoe and Account Number”.

Ever since he had an issue with his label and left, Lybra on his own as still been dropping songs, going for shows, but it is just so painful that he is not as hot a he used to be when he got signed.

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