Do Not Ever Try This With A Lady

Do Not Ever Try This With A Lady

This article will show you the wrong way to ask a girl out

Never try it…

Below is the experience a lady had and she sahred it with us.

“It’s really been long since I gave a guy ears for a long discussion that can even end up in him asking me out.

Today decided to try something on my way back from work and behold this guy came”

Check their conversation below.

The Guy: Hi can i have u drink

The Lady: No please

The Guy: seriously but you look like a generousity woman, so wat is your name

The Lady : (In her mind the guy no get lines at all) HER?

The Guy: Ur name

The Lady: Priscilla

The Guy: So Priscilla you know communication is life, love can build what hatred cannot, friendship is very necessary and man without friends is dead. Relationship can help you pursue your dream.

The Lady: OK ooo so now I know, what happened

The Guy: Can i have ur number?

The Lady: NO (BY now the lady almost got close to her father’s house )

They Guy: You are so pretty, can you be my girlfriend

The Lady: Are you well at all?

The Guy: I love you please…

The Lady: ….

With so much anger and disappointment, she went left him on the road hanging.

But Guys!!! wait ooo

Is this how you people are doing now?///

Dry lines that can’t even move an ant.


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