Funny Akwa Ibom Names And Meaning

Funny Akwa Ibom Names And Meaning

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This article will give you few Akwa Ibom names that actually sounds very funny when interpreted in English.

Below are some of these funny names:

1- Kubiat – no spoil am
2- Mboso-owo – wetin i tell person
3- Akpan-ekpo – masquerade first son
4- Ntiense – i sidon look
5- Ufòt – middle
6- Etukudo – small second son
7- Aniekpeno – who for give me
8- Ekpe-owo – lion person (person lion)
9- Uttong – Ear
10- Ekpe ikot – Bush lion
11- Enang – Cow
12- Eka Enang – Mother cow
13- Kufre – Don’t forget

14- Ekpe Owo – Lion Person

15- Akpan Ekwong – Snail First son

16- Ayan-Ime – Long Suffering

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