Meet Nigerian Singer Who Dressed As A Woman Even Before Bobrisky Was Born

Bobrisky became an internet sensation by doing something unusual. But long before Bobrisky was born, there was another Nigerian man named Bob who dressed as a woman and wanted to change his sex

Bob Actor, popularly known as The Calypso King, was a Nigerian actor and singer. He was married with at least one child but wanted to live his life as a woman and even sometimes dressed as a woman. He hoped to be the first African to have a sex change

In an interview with Lagos Weekend in February 1989 Bob said he had always felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body. He also spoke about getting a gender reassignment surgery and said he would get it done since it was already an option.

Meet Bob, the Nigerian singer who dressed as a woman and promised to change his sex long before Bobrisky was born.

He said to the paper at the time: “I do not even bother myself about what people may say, after all no one is above criticism. I only got married to prove to people I’m not impotent either”

He added that after his gender reassignment surgery, he will get married to a man. He said the relationship between him and his wife will change to sisterly love and she is allowed to move on with someone else.

He added: “I’ve even received a marriage proposal from a black American and we intend to have our own children”.

The singer, unbothered by how posterity would judge him, said, “people make history just like history makes people. I know what I’m doing because I’m not insane.”

Photos of Bob; The Calypso King, and newspaper clipping of the 1989 interview was recently shared online by Amanda Kirby, a historian at Joliba Heritage & Culture.

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