‘People Around You Are The Reason You’re Not Improving’ – Upcoming Artistes


Dear Up And Coming Artiste…

The people around you are the reason you are not improving

You might want to ask “How“, Read below…

The truth is…

  • Most of the people around you are not being sincere with you
  • They are not being real
  • Maybe they are scared and trying not to hurt your feelings or maybe they don’t want to discourage you

That is why they lie to you…

Some are mocking You at your back while you are fanning yourself and feeling in a superstar level.


  •  Surround yourself with people that do not really like you in person, but your career
  • Forget the ones you call “Real Gees” because some of them are not keeping it 100%.

For example…

  •  How can they be liking everything you do???
  • Song is bad but they will not tell you, instead they be like

…Baba u don blow
…You don murder
…Mad jam, You too sabi

All na wash

I know the problem with us is, if someone tries to point our mistakes, we will see that person as hater.
The next thing we start singing and writing

“Bad belle, bad belle, Haters talk say i no go Make, f*ck them”

But the truth is, those people you call haters are the ones you really need, so instead of picking offense, ask them where you messed up, and work on that area more for improvement.

“Boss the song murder ”
“Boss the song dope”

Most of them have not even heard the song,

Build a team, not a collection of Fellow artiste

Some muisic producers too are not helping matters, let us all try to be sincere with ourselves.

If a song is bad, be bold enough to tell an artiste in a manner he/she will not pick offence.

We hope we made some points in this artiscle.

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