Why Financial Health Is Connected To Your Overall Wellbeing And How To Achieve It

Why Financial Health Is Connected To Your Overall Wellbeing And How To Achieve It

Why financial health is top of mind now more than ever

As the CEO and founder of Ladies Get Paid, a career-advancement platform, Claire Wasserman traveled to 19 cities across the country in 2018 and talked to more than 5,000 women. Her takeaway? The fire is stoked. “These women realize that money can be the foundation for their ability to take risks,” Wasserman says. “Whether it’s leaving a relationship or leaving a job, [it’s beneficial to have] their finances in order.”

And that can lead to having more freedom in your career. As Tyler works with clients, a top question that keeps coming up is: How can I make money doing what I love? “There is a shift going on that is empowering us as women,” Tyler says. ” We’re reclaiming our power and looking for ways to make money and enjoy it.”

As more people align themselves with full-picture wellness, confidence in your finances becomes a huge part of the feel-good puzzle.  “People want to be emotionally, mentally, and physically well and finances naturally fit into this,” Roten says. You want to equip yourself with the know-how and emotional fortitude to deal with student-loan debt, rising costs of living, and negotiating a raise.

And this knowledge breeds confidence. “People who feel financially confident generally demonstrate higher levels of emotional wellness,” Roten says. “A feeling of financial security enables an employee to focus more fully on occupational wellness.” When you’re not panicking about bills, you can focus on chasing your career goals.

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